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SafeSpot Revolutionising Health and Safety in the Workplace

The World’s Smallest Modular Wearable Device for Outdoor Workers

Real- time Monitoring of UVR, Temperature and Humidity and Fall Detection (Staff and Assets)

Seamless, fully Autonomous and Effortless Operation

Modular to Employ as Stand Alone Device Anywhere in Worksite

UVR and Heat Data Analytics Platform

A powerful reporting tool to help you maximise worksite safety.

Individual IJVR/Heat exposure reporting for workers

UVR exposure heat map of high - risk zones onsite

Workflow management suggestions to reduce risk (Engineering/ Administrative control Measures)

UVR/Heat management for assets on site

Flexible and industry manageable trigger levels for both Heat and UVR

Complying with data security standard (PCI-DSS, HIPAA/ HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS2-140, and NIST 800-171)

Where SafeSpot Platform Adds Value


Elevated awareness and compliance rate for workers (effective use of PPEs)


Facilitating to identify, assess and control of environmental risks factors (e.g. UV/Heat, noise, air quality) through adminstrative and engineering control measures for managers


Data-driven insights for proactive govemance, risk management and compliance (environmental exposures including UV/Heat) for businesses

Hierarchy of Controls

Benefits To Businesses

A minimum Return on Investment (ROI) of 2-4 for sun safety measures

Saving on Lost Time injury (LTI) costs (AU$1.6 – 3M per 1000 workers)

Timely and cost-effective UV risk assessment of the worksite

Reduced premium insurance cost

Onsite Skin & Eye Examination Accessible Data-Driven Screening

Handheld Imaging

The Onsite Skin & Eye Examination Device is a portable, intelligent imaging tool for capturing detailed images of the eye and skin lesions. Its images can be sent directly to ophthalmologists or dermatologists for diagnosis.

An intelligent and field-deployable imaging device


Can capture very fine images of the eye, and suspicious skin lesions


Images can be forwarded to an ophthalmologist or dermatologist.

Metasense’s Autonomous
Health Booth

The Metasense Health Booth offers 3D full-body scans, detects skin and eye conditions, and provides remote specialist access with an AI-assisted medical dashboard.

3D & 360 degrees full body scan

High definition moles detection

Identify the high-risk moles, sunburn, and eye damage

Personal body scan database

Specialists remote Screening

Al-assisted Dashboard for Clinician

World’s smallest modular wearable device for outdoor workers


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